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Welcome to Bohemia. You would think you know everything you need to make the most out of a visit to the unique city of Prague and its surroundings. Well, think twice.

A region with as much history as Bohemia, cannot be understood by visiting Prague's Castle, walking Charles Bridge, and drinking overpriced beer or tasting non-Czech pastry by the Old-Town Square.

What about the 10th-century Vysehrad fort (the first seat of Czech dukes)? Or walking in neighborhoods like Karlín or Vinohrady where you can find traces of communist past and an image of a modern present? Have you heard about the church basement where the members of Operation Anthropoid hid during WWII? Have you walked the Bohemian countryside with a local whose family has lived there for over 100 years? And have you considered tasting local wine in the town of Melnik at the confluence of the Vltava and Elbe rivers?

Join us and write the memories of your Prague & Bohemia experience, and tell your friends what has truly shaped one of Europe's most forward-thinking cities and its surroundings. Join us, and we will show you all that makes this place, fascinating - Vítejte v Praze!


No reviews yet
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